Top Tips for Installing a Swimming Pool Awning for Enhanced Comfort

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Do you love to spend your weekend afternoons in your backyard swimming pool? If you do, then it is obvious that you would not pass on an opportunity to make your staycation more relaxing and enjoyable. One of the simplest ways to transform your swimming pool into a fun and comfortable space is to install awnings. Rather than bask in the scorching afternoon sun, swimming pool awnings provide shade that allows you and your guests to spend as much time as you want in your pool. However, swimming pool awnings are only effective if you install them correctly. This article highlights tips for installing a swimming pool awning.

Track the Sun -- Most homeowners have designated relaxation points in their swimming pools. It could be along both lengths of a swimming pool or on the shorter ends. Notably, it is easy to install swimming pool awnings based on this plan. However, such a strategy can work against you, particularly if you do not consider the sun's path. The sun follows a particular trajectory throughout the day, and this should be your basis for installing your awning. For instance, if the sun follows a North-South path in relation to your pool, then an awning should cover the same trajectory. It will ensure that your swimming pool area is continuously under shade.

Try Different Locations -- Swimming pool awnings come in different shapes and sizes. Some are narrow and long, while others are irregularly shaped and short. Therefore, even if you consider the sun's trajectory, the amount of shade your swimming pool receives will depend on an awning's shape and location. The best approach is to try out different locations around a swimming pool where you think an awning will benefit you the most. For instance, if you are installing a triangular awning, keep switching the anchor points' location until you are satisfied.

Install Strong Anchors -- Winds blowing across your swimming pool can be strong on certain days. While wind gusts are excellent for your comfort, especially in a hot afternoon, they can be damaging to your awnings. The anchors of your awnings must, therefore, be strong enough to withstand intense wind gusts. Concrete anchor points are the best if your awnings extend far from the structure they are attached to. However, if the awnings do not go beyond the swimming pool area, you should ensure they are equipped with steel framing. This framing will ensure your awnings stay in place regardless of prevailing wind conditions.

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