Why Install Window Restrictors?

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While regular window locks help secure your home, they do have a downside. If a window is unlocked, then it can open fully. This has some security and safety disadvantages.

If you want more advanced security, then consider installing locking restrictor devices on your windows as well as regular locks. How do restrictors work? Why should you use them?

What Are Window Restrictors?

Window restrictors usually have two parts. One part attaches to the side or sill of the window; the other attaches to the window itself.

These two parts are connected by a plastic wire, metal chain, or notched slide. When you unlock the restrictor unit, you can open your window. However, it will only open to the length of its cable or chain or to the notch you choose on its slide. You can't open your window any more than this unless you disengage the device.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Window Restrictors?

Regular window locks prevent people from opening your windows when they are closed. They either lock a window's handle so it can't be used or they secure the window itself in place.

While locks are an essential security measure, they don't secure windows all of the time. If your window is unlocked and open, then someone can potentially use it to enter your home. You might only leave a window open a crack, but someone can then open it wider.

Restrictors give you extra security. Even if you leave a window open, an intruder won't be able to use it to get inside. The restrictor keeps the window open a little but prevents anyone from opening it any wider.

These devices also have useful safety benefits. They help you protect small children and pets.

For example, if a child can open a window in an upstairs room, then they could fall out of it. If its opening is unrestricted, then the window is a serious safety hazard.

Here, a restrictor prevents potentially tragic accidents. Even if a child can open a window, they can't open it enough to get through the space.

This is also a useful way to protect your pets and keep them safely indoors. You can open a window to give them some fresh air; however, they won't be able to get out of the gap.

You should take care to install the right kind of restrictor locks for your windows. For advice on product types and high-quality brands, talk to your local locksmith. They can also install your restrictors in the right places to make your windows more secure.

For more information, contact a locksmith near you.