The Benefits of Security Doors For Apartment Dwellers

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Although many people in Australia inhabit the sprawling suburbs you will find in nearly every large town and city, there are also apartment blocks. In such accommodations, you do not always have control over who can enter the building and who cannot. As such, the front door of your flat is the one thing you need to rely on to keep you secure inside. Few burglars will attempt to break into an apartment that is on the third storey or higher of a block of flats via the window, so your sole focus, in terms of security, should be on your door. This is why upgrading to a proper security door can be beneficial. What advantages do security doors offer over conventional front doors?

Fire Protection

Stopping fires from spreading through an apartment block is a big safety concern. Although your current door should be fire rated for use in a flat, security doors are often much better at keeping you alive if you were to become trapped inside. You should always confirm that the security door you are considering fitting matches or improves upon your current fire safety rating. The majority of security doors will do so because they create much better seals with their frames and are thicker and more sturdy than other doors.

Deter Criminals

When you have strangers walking up and down the corridors of an apartment block, either visiting your neighbours or making deliveries, you never know who might be checking out what they could steal. When you have a security door fitted to prevent unwarranted access to your flat, you can be sure that your apartment will be the last one that a would-be burglar will want to target. In short, it will prevent unwarranted access or at least slow a criminal down so much that they'd be more likely to get caught trying to force they way in before they have succeeded.

Spyglass Security

Security doors provide you with an additional layer of security even when you are planning on opening them. With an eye-level spyglass, you will be able to look out into your hallway to see who is there. This can be a very reassuring thing to have in its own right, especially if you are wondering who is coming and going even if they don't knock at your door. Properly installed security doors will allow you to verify the identity of any callers you receive and to check their ID before you decide whether to open your door or not, something that you cannot always do from your intercom.