Top Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid When Installing Blinds

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Horizontal blinds are an excellent addition to your home because of the multiple purposes they serve. With the right choice, not only do horizontal blinds add to the beauty of the house, but they also allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the room. However, horizontal blinds can only serve their purpose when installed properly. While the installation process can be intimidating, especially as a DIY project, that does not have to be the case. With the right steps, it is easy to avoid common installation mistakes. This article highlights the common mistakes homeowners should avoid when installing horizontal blinds in their homes.

Misrepresenting Measurements -- The first thing you should do before buying horizontal blinds is to take measurements of your windows and then present them to your blinds supplier. This ensures that you get the right size for your windows. However, there is a common misconception among homeowners that every window in their home is the same size. As such, all they do is measure only one window and use the measurements to represent every window. You should avoid making such assumptions because you risk buying blinds that will not fit every window. The fact that your windows appear the same size does not mean it is the case. The best route is to measure each window individually.

Assuming Window Straightness -- When installing horizontal blinds in your windows, the blinds should be perfectly straight. You can buy the best blinds in the market, but if they look crooked, then you are not going to achieve the aesthetic value you are looking for. While it is okay to assume that your windows are straight, you should not take the chance. If you rely on this assumption and install your blinds following the edges of the windows, you might end up with a crooked-looking blind. For this reason, you must use a straightedge to ensure that the installation is straight. The best part is that you can hire these tools on the cheap; therefore, there are no excuses for installing crooked blinds.

Installing Child Safety Cleat Too Low -- If you have children in the home, then you have to install child safety cleats on the wall or the window frame. The primary function of safety cleats is to ensure the cord is neatly wrapped so that it is away from children's reach. However, child safety cleats are only useful if installed at the correct height. As such, safety cleats must be approximately at least 1.5 metres from the ground. At this height, you can rest assured that the average child will not manage to reach the cord.

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