3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Luxe On A Thrifty Budget

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Redoing your kitchen can elevate it almost instantly, but with the cost of even a budget renovation setting you back between $10,000 and $22,000, can you really afford to make any big changes to the space? The good news is you don't have to. Even if you have a thrifty budget, small renovation ideas can make a huge impact and will give your kitchen that luxe appeal you're looking for. Here's how:

Step Up The Visual Appeal With New Paint

There's no underestimating the power of paint when you're looking to luxe up any space, including kitchens. Paint conceals unsightly blemishes and a whole raft of issues like timeworn tiles, dated timber cabinets and unappealing trims. As a material, paint is extremely inexpensive and can easily be purchased from a home improvement store. Expect to pay an average of $20 to $30 per square metre for a professional painter to do up your kitchen. You can save on labour costs if you are adept at painting yourself, but make sure you actually know what you're doing to avoid making a bigger mess.

Transform The Look Of Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers By Upgrading The Hardware

Changing up your cabinetry entirely will set you back at least $2,800 for a flat-pack kitchen and will go upwards in cost. If you simply don't have this budget to spend, consider upgrading the hardware to choose stylish handles for the cabinets and drawers. This will hardly cost you much and you'll be surprised at how such a small upgrade can transform the look of cabinetry almost instantly. Although keep in mind, you'll want to combine this with a new coat of paint or fresh polish.

Give Your Flooring A Glam Touch

Old and outdated floors can bring down the look of the entire kitchen, which is why you may want to consider installing inexpensive floating floors to bring the entire room together in a stylishly cohesive finish. Floating floorboards start from $15 per square metre if you do it yourself, and can go up to $25 per square metre for photorealistic laminate flooring. Not only are floating floors a cost effective option, but they can be installed quickly so you don't have to worry about lengthy installation times if you go this route.

Adding some luxe to your kitchen can make a huge impact on its appearance, and the best part is that you don't have to pay a fortune.