3 Considerations When Choosing Between White And Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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If you're redoing your kitchen and have to make some choices regarding your cabinets, you've got a plethora of options available to you. But when you finally narrow down your choices to custom-made white and wood cabinets, you may need some professional guidance to help cross over the final hurdle. Here are some considerations to help you choose between white and wood cabinets.

Anticipated Style Of Your Kitchen

The style you want for your kitchen will make an impact on your choice between white and wood cabinets when you're getting them made. For example, if you want a country-style rustic kitchen, then wood cabinets that showcase their natural grain would be more suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you're looking for a classic, Victorian-styled kitchen, then white cabinets will add timeless class and elegance to the space. If you have a chic, modern kitchen in mind, then sleek white cabinets will be a good choice for your cooking space. Consider what your overall kitchen appearance and style will be like when choosing between the two kitchen cabinet options.

Intended Colour Scheme Of Your Kitchen

Even the colour scheme you choose will contribute to your choice between wood and white cabinets. For example, if you choose a darker colour scheme because you're looking for a bold finish, then wood cabinets may clash with your choice and can make the kitchen look overcrowded. In this instance, white cabinets may be a better choice because they will go well with darker colours and can brighten the space. If you have a light or pastel colour scheme, then both wood and white cabinets can work for you, and the choice will depend entirely on your personal desire.

Planned Maintenance Schedule For The Kitchen

The way you want to maintain your kitchen will also impact your decision to choose between wood and white cabinets. White cabinets are stunning, but they require a good deal of cleaning. This is because grime accumulates on them while cooking, which is easily visible. You will need to ensure they are cleaned regularly to maintain their pristine appearance. Wooden cabinets tend to hide grime and dirt more easily, so you won't have to maintain them as regularly as you would white cabinets. Ultimately, your maintenance schedule plans will determine your choice.

Custom-made kitchen cabinets give you a tremendous amount of flexibility because you can get exactly what you want. Let these ideas guide your choice between wood and white cabinets. Contact cabinet makers in your area for additional advice.