Latest Trends You Can Adapt To Update Your Kitchen Design

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Refurbishing your kitchen to meet your taste and increase its range of capabilities is a great way to lend a sense of unique character to this space. However, selecting a design scheme to match your vision can be exhausting. With all the different options that you can consider to modernise your kitchen, it can be quite overwhelming to whittle down your choices while also trying to stay within your budget. Providentially, you do not have to tear down the entire space to create an attractive kitchen. Focussing on specific areas not only gives you a sense of direction but also allows you to budget better for your remodel. The following article outlines a few trends that you can adapt to update the design of your kitchen.

Camouflage your vent hood

A modern trend steadily making an appearance in Australian kitchens is a camouflaged vent hood. Although vent hoods are essential to eliminate excess smoke and steam from your kitchen, their bulky design can make them detract from the overall cohesiveness of your space. Rather than do without it, designers are finding creative ways of camouflaging these features, so they seamlessly blend in with your kitchen design. For instance, you could have the vent hood covers up with the same supplies that you use for your splashbacks and make it look like part of the walls. Alternatively, you could paint the vent hood the same colour as the primary kitchen scheme so it melts away into the background.

Incorporate smart kitchen design

It is challenging to talk about modern trends and exclude intelligent solutions for your kitchen. As the world becomes digitised, this artificial intelligence has also progressively made its way to the kitchen too! Thus, there is no better way to modernise your kitchen than by also including these solutions to your remodel. One of the smart solutions you could invest in is motion sensor sinks, which can detect whenever you want to wash something. Intelligent planters are also a favourite solution as they allow you to grow your kitchen herbs without having to provide hands-on care. 

Integrate copper accents

Although utilising the dead space on your walls works excellent for people with small kitchens, displaying mismatched utensils can take away from the visual interest of your design choices. In an attempt to modernise the space, you should consider splurging on utensils with copper accents that will add their own elegance to the kitchen. Pans and cookware made of copper are not only bright and shiny but also add a unique colour scheme to the kitchen. You can then complement these hanging pots with copper accent accessories such as faucets, towel rods and cabinet knobs.