Questions to Ask a Removalist Company When Planning a Move

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If you're planning a move of any sort, it's good to hire a removalist company to assist. This can ensure your belongings are packed properly, both in their boxes and in the back of a truck, and that nothing is damaged in transit. You also reduce the risk of injuring yourself during your move when you hire professionals to handle all that heavy lifting! When you are ready to hire a professional for house removals, note a few questions to ask first, so your move goes as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Ask how the cost of your move is determined

Some companies might charge an amount for a certain size truck and for a certain number of workers, and will be available for a set time during the day. Other companies might actually load a truck with your items and then weigh the truck and charge you based on that weight. Many companies will also have an itemized list of charges they might add, such as for providing packing materials, for packing services or for setting up electronics in your new home and so on. Understanding how their charges are figured can help you choose the right company for your needs.

Ask about their liability insurance and how it's figured

Every removalist company should have some type of loss insurance, to cover the cost of your items if they're damaged or stolen while in the care of the removalist. Not only should you know the amount of that insurance, but you should also know if certain items might be considered 'extraordinary value'. This can mean jewellery, artwork, musical instruments and so on. If you own anything other than standard household goods, ask about their insurance for these items and any limits of their liability so you know you'll be financially protected during your move.

Ask what cannot be shipped

You might be surprised to find out what items cannot be shipped in a moving truck, or what items cannot be guaranteed in transit. For example, a removalist might move a freezer with frozen foods inside but may have no way of plugging in that freezer during transit. If your move is very short, your foods might be fine, but for a longer move, you might discard those foods beforehand, or have a frozen foods delivery service handle their transit. A removalist might also have limits on things like houseplants, live animals and the like. Always ask about these limitations before a move so you know if you need to make other arrangements for these items.