2 Advanced Home Security Devices for High Value Individuals

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Every homeowner is concerned about home security and the safety of their family and belongings. However, if you are a high-net worth individual, you may be at increased risk of attacks by intruders who are looking to steal property or to kidnap your family to hold them for ransom. Below is a guide to 2 advanced home security options you should consider installing in your home to protect your property and loved ones.

Panic room

A panic room is a space within your home where you or your family can take shelter in the event of a home invasion. It is typically located in a reinforced part of the home, one that does not have access to outside windows or doors, such as a basement space or a special room constructed within an interior space. A panic room has reinforced walls, no windows and a large heavy door that will feature multiple locks.

As soon as a home invasion is detected, your family can take shelter in the panic room and seal the door. This will keep you safe until the threat has reduced. You may also wish to have a satellite phone installed in the panic room so you can contact the emergency services during such a situation.

Electronic locks

If your home is still fitted with traditional mechanical locks, you could be at increased risk of attack by home intruders or other hostile people. A skilled intruder will be able to use a range of tools and techniques to pick, break or otherwise compromise a mechanical lock. An electronic locking system offers a greater level of security as it does not rely on a physical key which can be copied.

Most electronic locks use a numerical keypad code. However, for an even greater level of home security, you may wish to install a thumb keypad control on the lock. This pad reads the fingerprint of anyone who tries to operate the lock. If the fingerprint does not match one listed in the database, the entry will be denied. Many electronic locks are also fitted with cameras which will capture the image of anyone operating the lock. These images may be useful to law enforcement agents in the event of an attempted break-in.

If you would like further information about improvements you can make to your luxury home to keep it safe, you should contact a home security company.