How to Add a Bit of Modern Style to Your Home Without Going Overboard

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If you like a modern look for a home, with glass and metal accents and very square, clean lines, you might wonder how to bring in that look without making your home seem like a warehouse or industrial facility. Usually it's good to do this gradually, with a few simple changes over time, so you can see when your home has just enough modern decor without making the space seem too stark. Note a few tips on how to do this in your home.

Remove the carpeting

Carpeting is very traditional and may not work well with a modern style. To replace the carpeting with something modern and sleek, choose a stone floor tile in a warm colour tone, or opt for polished concrete with a hint of red or blue for colour. Timber flooring can also offset the look of modern furniture pieces and decor, helping you avoid the warehouse look in your home while bringing in those metal and glass accent pieces you love.

Remove the curtains and shutters

As with carpeting, curtains often have a very traditional look and feel, and shutters can seem rustic and a bit country. Opt for motorized shades in a silvery grey fabric or plain white roller shades. If this makes your windows seem too stark, layer some very thin curtain panels in a silvery grey colour over the new window treatments. These curtains will work with your modern decor while adding a bit of softness to the windows.

Consider your artwork

If you can't replace your home's furniture with modern pieces, consider your artwork. Swap out colourful paintings for black-and-white photographs or for mirrors with silver frames. Use floating acrylic shelves rather than wood bookcases; it's also good to tone down the knickknacks you have, as modern decor usually means few accent pieces and a more open, clean and simple look to a room.


Note the staircase in your home, as this is a good place to create a modern look. Swap out wood risers with acrylic or metal steps, and choose glass and stainless steel balustrades and balusters rather than wood. You could also use a thick piece of acrylic for both the balusters and balustrades, as the thick edge of the acrylic might work as a secure handrail. Frosted acrylic can tone down the look if it seems to stark, and you might add lights along the staircase itself, both for safety and to help create that modern and sleek look you want in your home.