Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a New Lawnmower for Your Property

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When buying a new lawnmower, you should expect to invest some money in a high-quality model so you know it will be durable and work well for your lawn in particular. Note a few common and seemingly simple but important mistakes that homeowners often make when it comes to buying a new mower so you can avoid them yourself and know that you're getting the best choice of mowers for your outdoor space in particular.

Not considering the health of the lawn

Many homeowners fail to take into consideration the overall health of their lawn when buying a new mower, not realizing that cutting grass affects the health of the grass itself. If your lawn struggles to grow, you might consider what is called a reel mower. This has blades that are attached to the sides of the mower, so the blades spin to the front and back.

A reel mower is unlike a rotary mower, which has blades that are attached to the middle of the mower, and which spin from left to right. The reel mower is actually healthier for your lawn, as it doesn't tug and pull on the grass as much as a rotary mower. The reel mower can then allow the roots of the grass to stay intact, which is better for any turf that's struggling to grow.

Ignoring noise

Many areas have local codes about noisy lawn care equipment; if you don't check those codes and buy an oversized, heavy-duty mower that runs very loud, you may face fines from your city or homeowner's association! Also, if you need to mow your lawn very early or very late, even if there are not regulations limiting those hours, you want to consider your neighbours and their comfort. An electric lawnmower may not offer the same power as a gas-driven model, but it can be quieter overall. If you must invest in a gas-powered mower, choose one with a heavy-duty muffler so noise is at a minimum.

Forgetting lawn obstacles

If you have a large lawn without many trees, landscaping features and the like, you can usually choose a heavy-duty riding mower that will get the cutting done quickly and easily. However, if you have lots of flowerbeds, landscaping trees, a shed or other outbuilding, paver stones and other such obstacles on your lawn, you want a more compact mower that you can easily steer so it will fit around those features. Consider the landscape of your lawn and not just its overall size when shopping for a new mower.

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