How to Choose the Best Window Treatments

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Your home's window treatments can help to insulate the home, protecting the interior from drafts and heat that come in through older window frames and thin, outdated glass. Window treatments also offer some personality and style for a room!

However, many homeowners struggle to find the right window treatments for their home, and often wind up with something that clashes with the home's interior, and which suddenly feels outdated after not too long. To ensure you choose window treatments from brands like Somfy that you'll be happy with for many years, note a few differences between each option and which might be best for each room of your home.

For modern homes

If you have a modern home with lots of glass and metal accents, avoid shutters, as these have a traditional look and feel; also, be very selective of curtains. Too much fabric, or an earth tone colour of curtains, will seem out of place against modern decor. Lightweight sheers also have a more cosy feeling, so they may also not fit a modern home's overall look. Opt for simple, silvery grey panels that hang flat against the wall, if you must have curtains. Otherwise, choose blinds that fit inside the window frame, for a simple and clean look that will complement your home's modern design.

For maximum light control

If there are rooms in your home that get lots of direct sunlight, curtains may not be the best choice; typically you would need to close the curtains entirely to block out bothersome sun, and you may not actually want a completely darkened room or to have no view out the window. Transparent blinds can be the better choice; you can close those blinds just as much as is needed to block direct sunlight, without covering over the windows entirely. A transparent fabric can also allow you to see out the window, while still providing shade. For maximum control over the light you allow in the room, choose "top down bottom up" blinds, which open at either the top or bottom.

For very large windows

If you have a wall of windows, the size and number of curtain panels needed to cover them can mean far too much fabric in the room. Shades or blinds can be better; choose wood slats if you want to bring in a natural look, or opt for a thick fabric for the shades or blinds, rather than a vinyl material. This will soften the style and keep the window treatments from looking too industrial.