Simple But Important Features of a Riding Lawnmower

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A ride-on lawnmower can make quicker, easier work of caring for your lawn, and some models might offer the power needed to tow a trailer behind you. This can allow you to cut and then also seed the lawn, spread fertilizer, or do whatever else you need to make your yard lush and beautiful. When you are ready to start shopping, note a few simple but very important features to consider in a ride-on mower so you don't wind up with one that's too lightweight or underpowered or one that's too big and cumbersome for you in particular.


If your lawn is relatively flat and even, an automatic transmission can be sufficient; you might even invest in a mower with cruise control to make easy work of mowing long stretches of grass. For rougher or more hilly terrain, opt for a manual transmission. This will allow you shift to a lower gear when driving over hills so you get more control over the wheels and motor, for less risk of slipping and sliding. No matter your choice of transmissions, choose a model that automatically stops the blades when the mower is put in reverse so you don't recut the lawn you've just mowed, damaging the grass.

Centre of gravity

When you're sitting on the mower, this raises its centre of gravity, so it becomes less stable when mowing up and down hills or across a slope. If your yard is very hilly, be sure to choose the mower with the lowest centre of gravity possible so there is less risk of it tipping or of you falling out of the cab.

Ease of use

Always try to sit in a ride-on mower before buying it; note how easily you can reach the pedals and the steering wheel. If you need to stretch your legs or arms to reach or control these devices, this can make it more difficult to then control the mower. Is the seat large enough to accommodate your frame comfortably? If you develop muscle aches or cramps when mowing, this can also mean less control over the mower and more risk of injury or increase the risk of accidentally mowing over a landscaping feature.

Note, too, if you can see over the front of the mower so you can keep an eye on your lawn while mowing and so you can avoid hazards. Downsize to something more comfortable and with better visibility if necessary, as the few extra minutes it might take to cut your grass with a smaller mower is worth the added safety it offers.