2 Features Of The Home That New Parents Are Wise To Upgrade

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Starting a family is an exciting and fulfilling milestone in life. Along with the joy and pleasure that children will bring to your lives, they also bring about a lot of changes that you will need to adjust your lifestyle and home to accommodate. Many of these changes happen organically as your children's needs and mobility increase, such as baby proofing your home against curious and destructive little hands. Some changes aren't strictly necessary but they can make life with children easier and more comfortable. Here are two features in your home that you might like to consider upgrading once your family begins to expand.

1. Invest in a king size bed

When it's just the two of you, a queen size bed may seem to have plenty of sleeping room. As your brood grows, you may find yourself with one or more occupants joining you during the night or early hours of the morning. Most parents are shocked and amazed at how much room a small toddler can take up in a bed, particularly if they embrace the frenzied octopus style of repose that many children do.

A king size bed will provide you with the extra space you need once your bed becomes a communal sleeping space. The extra width will accommodate your extra nocturnal visitors and still leave plenty of room for the parents to sleep comfortably. It's also a wise idea to opt for mattresses that have an antimicrobial topper to keep the germs at bay after the inevitable night time nappy leaks.

2. Invest in a leather sofa

No matter how strict you think you might be about your children eating or drinking on your sofa, there will inevitably be spills. There will also no doubt be other spills of the bodily fluid variety that befoul your sofa when you have a newborn baby who will invariably deposit the oozing contents of a nappy explosion at some point.

These sofa spills of child origin are unavoidable and if you have a fabric sofa, then it may soon be looking stained and smelling less than pleasant. Upgrading to a leather sofa is one of the smartest moves a parent can make. The leather provides a waterproof covering that will prevent liquids from seeping into the foam of the cushions. Leather is also far more stain resistant than fabric and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.