3 Plants Will Transform Your Bare Garden Into an Exotic Oriental Paradise

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The right choice of plants for your garden can transform a bare and uninspiring area into a verdant and beautiful one. However, it can feel like a difficult and daunting task when you are starting with a blank canvas that needs to be filled with plants in a cohesive and attractive way. It's helpful to start off with a basic theme in mind and a garden with an exotic theme is a popular and stunning choice. Here are three beautiful, bright and readily available plants that will have your garden looking amazing in no time.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is the quintessential Asian plant, and there are many different varieties available in Australia. It's a fantastic choice for an unestablished garden because it grows rapidly and will give your garden a more mature look in a short space of time.

Bamboo is also excellent for use as a structural plant. It's great for creating privacy screening, increasing shaded areas in your garden and for acting as a windbreak for seating and dining areas that you wish to shelter.

2. Magnolia tree

Magnolia trees are a majestic and attractive small tree that provides glossy evergreen foliage all year round. It also produces exquisite white flowers with a beautiful fragrance from late spring into the summer months. It grows well in all regions of Australia as long as it's kept well watered and fertilised at least once a year.

Magnolia trees aren't rapid growing plants and will take a few years to reach maturity. If you want a magnolia tree that adds instant impact to your garden, then you can pay a little extra for a larger and more mature tree.

3. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are a hardy and low maintenance plant that add colour and an exotic look to your garden beds. They tolerate virtually any soil and can be planted in locations that receive all day sunshine or in shaded areas. Bromeliads make excellent ground coverings for hiding patches of bare soil and add drama and sculptural flair if planted in rows along fences and walls.

Bromeliads come in a range of lovely shades, with pinks, reds and purples mixed with various shades of green. They also shoot up a tall flower spike once a year that is liberally covered in delicate white flowers.

To source these gorgeous and exotic plants, visit a plant nursery that also acts a trade market for plant growers from across the country. You'll have a wider choice of plant varieties and will generally be able to purchase your plants for a reduced price.