Comparing Internal and External Shutters

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If you are considering a window treatment that is a little bit different from the norm, then you should think about installing a set of made-to-measure shutters in your home. These can be more effective than curtains at things like, for example, blocking out sunlight. In many cases, they provide a greater degree of privacy compared to options such as Venetian blinds. If you do end up choosing to have a set of shutters fitted to your windows, then there is still one big decision to make: internal or external shutters. What are the merits of each option? 

Internal Shutters

This type of shutter looks good in both modern and older homes because a variety of styles can be found to suit all sorts of interior decoration. Internal shutters are not exposed to the elements like external ones are so you don't need to consider the need to maintain them so much, for instance by painting them every few years.

Many internal shutters have louvres fitted within them which work like adjustable slats. This means that you can control the amount of light that comes into your room with a great deal of finesse. Solid panel internal shutters can be fitted which sit flush to your home's walls. This is great for the minimalist look that you might want in a city apartment space, for example.

Internal shutters are operated from within a property. As such, they're great if you don't want to lean out of an upper storey window to close them. They are just as good for the sort of window that doesn't open at all where you would have no access to external shutters.

External Shutters

These shutters are great when fitted to older buildings because they tend to suit the styles of times gone-by well.

External shutters offer excellent protection against vandalism because they protect the glazing and framework of your windows perfectly when locked together from within. With an additional layer on the outside of your home, would-be intruders are often put off, so external shutters offer greater security and peace of mind. In other words, they act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

Many people like the look of external shutters and buying them can mean that they pay for themselves because the value of your property rises accordingly. A set of external shutters protects your home from high winds and from other extreme weather conditions, like hailstorms, by providing a durable physical barrier.